East Lothian based wedding photographer Grahame Smith LMPA

Me... I'm Grahame... and I'm ably assisted in the running of GWS Photography by my good lady Allison, and daughter Annie.

I've been taking photos as long as I can remember (way back to the 1970's) , "borrowing" my dad's 110 & 126 cameras and shooting whatever film was left on them, then waiting weeks... sometimes months for him to get them developed & printed and see what I had captured... sometimes not even remembering what I set out to photograph in the first place.... but the bug was placed . Every photographer's "About Me" page says something like that.
I was always into cameras and aeroplanes, so I applied to join the RAF in 1982 as a photographer - only to be told I'm over qualified !

Does that mean I'm STILL over qualified to be a photographer ? Who knows.

Anyway - after a VERY short career as a trainee aircraft technician I left, got married in 1990 and my wife Allison and I got our wedding video & photos back and thought - they're awful - we can do better than that... and so started our road down the "professional" level of videography & photography.

Boring/Official bit alert - I gained Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society, The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and more recently with the Master Photographers Association, which was by far the more exciting qualification to gain, having to show business and workflow processes as well as photographic skill.

We have been producing lots of award winning wedding, portrait and dog photographs for many years now, based at our current studio in the grounds of East Links Family Park in Dunbar.

But you're probably looking on here to check out a wedding or portrait photographer, so let me go on about that for a bit...

Choosing a photographer is more than just choosing the guy with the camera.
On your wedding day, most vendors turn up, do their job over an hour or so and leave you to get on with your day.
A good professional photographer is with you from early in the morning until possibly late at night.
Being there for you, helping to make every section of the day run as smoothly as possible, just as you’d imagined it would.
I believe I have built a solid reputation on being a friend on the day, as much as being a great photographer.
The duties performed by GWS over the years at weddings go way beyond what is in the remit of the average photographer...
...but GWS Photography aren’t your average Wedding Photographers.

In 2016, I won the Scottish Region of The Master Photographers Association "Reportage Photograph of the Year", and also the Open category.

We also won two Merits in the National Master Photography Awards in 2016.
2017 has seen us win a lot of Merits and monthly top prizes with the Master Photographers Association, and in November we won the Open Category in a top UK & Ireland professional studio annual competition.

I'm always available to call or email. I can be reached on the studio mobile on 07415 878244. Chances are if you email me at anytime you'll get a reply fairly soon afterwards... quite often I'll be up in the wee hours... working away on somebody's portfolio :)

You'll see lots of photographers mention similar things as above, but one thing we can promise you is we have experience and devotion to this trade. Every portrait,wedding and even doggy shoot is a pleasure to do - and a learning experience.
We go through a process after every shoot... making notes on how people reacted to the day - not just the photography - but the whole experience, and I try to find way that I can help improve the day with the service I offer.

So, now you're interested... where do you find us so you can come visit ?
Our address is...
GWS Photography
Unit 5, East Links Family Park,
Dunbar, EH42 1XF

If you're using a sat nav, it's best to punch in East Links Family Park, as the post code will take you slightly off site, and we've only been here since August 2016, so the inter-web will take a while to realise we're here now.

If you're coming by car from the Edinburgh side, turn off at the Beltonford roundabout and head along the road until you see the signs for East Links Family Park.
Here's a few pics to help you...

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